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Fei Liu is a Chinese-born critical maker who works between transdisciplinary design, development, social science, and the arts. She is fascinated with the objectification and anthropomorphization that occurs between humans and machines.

Interview on BEL-AIR radio about the future of genetic privacy


Listen to the interview here

On April 6th, Heather chatted with Biononymous contributor Fei Liu (DJ TRYTOBEGOOD) and her co-hosts HYPEROPIA 20/30 on Brooklyn-based radio collective, BEL-AIR radio. We covered topics from Heather’s motivations for creating pieces like Stranger Visions, to the cultural authority we grant to DNA and the ethical issues behind race and genetics.

It’s not that we should be fearful of this stuff, we should resist it. I’m never a fan of fear but I am a big fan of trying to take things into our own hands and enable resistance wherever possible.

Listen to the interview here