Operation Droplift

Operation Droplift


The future of genetic privacy – coming soon to a pharmacy near you



  1. Follow the biononymous guidebooks to create your own set of Invisible sprays. Or fake it with H2O, up to you.
  2. Customize the packaging template (AI | PDF) to your liking. Print on the thickest card stock you can find, cut on the dark lines and fold along the lighter marked lines.
  1. Order stickers if you like to label your spray bottles. We use stickermule.
  2. Use a chunk of foam, tape, or customize this insert to hold your bottles in place inside the packaging.
  3. Find a target. Make it easy and choose a store that is big and busy enough that you won’t be noticed slipping your box onto the shelf. Or make it hard and practice your stealth skills. Up to you.
  4. Optional: add a pricetag. If you want to make it extra convincing and allow people to actually potentially purchase Invisible, transfer a barcode from a similar item ie. cosmetics onto the Invisible package.  Packages with barcode stickers work well, ideally from the target store.
  5. Drop it. Self explanatory. Pick a prominent shelf and place your box.
  6. Document. Take a picture of the item on the shelf and its surrounding context. Bonus if you get video of someone looking or trying to buy it!
  7. Report back – tweet your picture #InvisibleShopdrop to @biononymous and we’ll post it here!

Operation Droplift Worldwide

A few of us dropped BioGen products in shops around the world. Here’s an assortment of those experiences.

London, UK

Aurelia did her shop dropping at a place in London, Shoreditch called Haeckel’s. The brand was born in 2012 with a lab on the Margate coast, infusing cocktails of health and body products with elements of the sea. Shoreditch-side, the shop has a really broody-apothecary atmosphere and lovely shopkeepers. Most of the shop infrastructure comes from recycled materials, like an incense burner made of horns and a converted table from the Museum of Natural History in London; lots of pin-cushioned bugs and old chem jars as well, the perfect host for some biogen products to perfume your human footprint on the world.

staging-tinctures staging-bug perfumehorn

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Last January Heather led a workshop with MU Art Space and BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven where we tested out the new Invisible DIY guides through hands on experimentation. We began by getting down the basics of measuring by creating individual Erase sprays from household bleach and distilled water. Then we extracted everyone’s DNA, quantified it using a Qubit fluorometer, diluted appropriately and combined it all together to create our very own Replace – DNA obfuscation spray. We ended the workshop by taking Invisible public with a shopdropping intervention in the local pharmacy chain Etos!

DNA workshop

DNA workshop


Krakow, Poland

Fei was in the cultural capital of Poland during the Krakow Film Festival, and dropped the Invisible Spray on an unsuspecting corner store while she was meandering around town. Not knowing how to read the language, she chose to place the box in an area of the store that seemed to make the most visual sense. A few hours later when she came back to check on the package, it seems to have been removed from the premises, perhaps by a prospective user.



Chicago, IL

Invisible was spotted in the toothpaste aisle at Walgreens 122 S. Michigan ave. in Chicago, IL near the Art Institute.



IMG_0697 IMG_0696

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