Invisible – kit containing both a DNA eraser and replacer (see DIY guides to make your own!) from biononymous founder Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

DNA Away – available as a squeeze bottle or wipes, good for on the go DNA removal. Less corrosive than bleach.

Stealth ware – garments that shield against thermal imaging, a surveillance technology used widely by military drones to target people. From biononymous contributor Adam Harvey.


Super DIY method to extract your own DNA

Combat facial recognition

Hacking Apple’s Touch ID

Fooling PC fingerprint ID system



CGS : Center for Genetics and Society

Advocating responsible uses and effective societal governance of human genetic and reproductive technologies and other emerging technologies. Good overview of the issues involved and what is at stake.

CRG – Council for Responsible Genetics

A regular publication + web resource explaining many of the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies. Has a fabulous list of resources & publications.

Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative

“Setting Human Rights Standards for DNA Databases Worldwide… A collection of resources on the human rights implications of DNA databases.”

Genetics & Public Policy Center

Everything public policy and genetics (US based). “Conducts rigorous legal research and policy analysis, performs policy-relevant social science research, crafts robust policy options and recommendations, convenes and consults key stakeholders to identify common ground and develop consensus, and influences national genetics programs and policy.” Check out their state by state break downs of laws ie. about surreptitious DNA testing.

Genome Canada

Newsletter and policy portal (Canadian) examining genomics and its ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects.